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Join the 21 Day 
Leader’s Challenge: Focus Forward

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Let’s take all the intensity, all the awareness, all the challenges  from 2020 and focus forward. 

Join me for a 21 Day Leader’s Challenge.
You’ll receive a daily email that invites you to spend the next few weeks collecting your thoughts and refining your people strategy plan, strengthening your approach to drive intentionally into the remainder of the year for maximum results – whatever your goals may be.
The time commitment for this Challenge is about 5-15 minutes per day. 

Now is the time to get focused and make progress.

After the Challenge, you may want to continue our work together and build in some 1-1 feedback and an accountability partner as you being implementing your plan. The final email on Day 21 will explain more about business and leadership coaching for those ready to dive deeper and keep the conversation going.
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